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Get ready for avesthagen's veg omega Medicinal and plant biotechnology company avesthagen ltd on tuesday said it was getting ready to produce its plantbased food supplement, a dha omega3 fatty acid, and was also open to licensing it for commercial scale manufacture and marketing. The product, avestadha, is a vegetarian source Mother of the Bride Dresses of dha(Docohexanoic acid)Omega3 essential fatty acid and is derived from naturally occurring microalgae, avesthagen said in a release. Dr villoo morawala patell, founder and chairperson of the bangalorebased company, said, is open for global licensing, manufacturing and marketing alliances. Avestadha is also targeted at ameliorating the nutritional health of the bottom of the pyramid and [avesthagen] invites likeminded government, private organisations and civil society to join in the mission.The project also involved the national institute of oceanography, the indian institute of integrative medicine, jammu, and Ball Gown Wedding Dresses the indian institute of chemical technology, hyderabad.



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